2012: Sheboygan Friars

2013: The Whalers

2014: The Iowa Guys

2015: Team Chotch

2012 Inductees:
Sheboygan Friars
Our original inductees all hail from Minnesota and don’t actually live over the border in Sheboygan, WI (we don’t think), but have been a part of every single W4W event and are a great group of guys who know how to help a great cause.  You’ll often find these guys playing late into the day and often leaving the field with a trophy of some kind.  They were co-champions in the 2007 tournament and an easy choice as our first HOF’ers.

2013 Inductees: 
The Whalers

A team comprised of players in the HRL Twin Cities Wiffleball League, this team of jokers have scored far more victories in the laughs department than with their on-field exploits.  Always keeping the atmosphere loose and fun for everyone around them, these guys have been a fixture at every W4W event so far and might be one of the more memorable groups to grace our presence over the years.


2014 Inductees:
The Iowa Guys

Long overdue for recognition, this crew has joined us every single year from all parts of  Iowa.  Under oft-changing team names (most notably “Miracle Wiffs” and “Honey Nut Ichiros”), these folks are as good as they get, both on and off the field, copping trophies more often than not (co-champs in 2007), and upon their induction in 2014, shared a very touching story of how Make-A-Wish® has impacted their own families as well.

2015 Inductees: 
Team Chotch

Also very long overdue for recognition, Team Chotch has been probably the most victorious team in the history of the tournament, having either won or been runners-up several times.  More than just the popped collars they are known for, though, is their level of commitment to our cause, never missing a tournament, and being great ambassasdors in helping us spread the word.  A well-deserved and wonderful add to the HOF!

2016: The Costume Crew

2017: Adam "The Steve" Sears

2018: Trevor McCauley

2019: The Trainque Family

2016 Inductees:
The Costume Crew

These lads have made their mark year after year with some of the most outlandish and memorable costumes we’ve ever had (and they’ve been handsomely rewarded for this)... what most folks don’t see is these guys dedication at the crack of dawn every tournament, helping us with the hard work of setting the event up year after year.  Dedication on and off the field made these guys a very easy and well-deserved choice for the HOF.


2017 Inductee: 
Adam “The Steve” Sears

Our first individual to get the HOF nod, The Steve was recognized for his tireless and relentless work in getting sponsors for and promoting the fledgling Leominster, MA event, helping it to become a powerhouse event that rivals the flagship MN tournament.  As the east-coast event grows in popularity, we’ll be able to look back and thank The Steve for his hard work in pushing things in the right direction.


2018 Inductee:
Trevor McCauley

Trevor has been one of our most generous sponsors, with his small business “Total Graphics” having sponsored the MN event for the last decade and also a major force in helping get the smaller Iowa events off the ground.  He’s also played in almost every event he’s sponsored.  Trevor’s long-term dedication and generosity to our cause makes him a very deserving choice to be in our HOF.


2019 Inductees: 
The Trainque Family

It’s truly a family affair with this bunch!  From housing all of our tournament equipment to lending tons of help at every event, the Leominster, MA event would not be the well-oiled machine that it is without the entire Trainque family!  Their year-round dedication to our cause makes them a welcome addition to our Hall Of Fame!