Tournament Director - Pat “Truck” Moriarty

Minnesota - 2018

Massachusetts - 2018

Iowa - 2018

t_aboutWifflin’ For Wishes was dreamt up in early 2005 by Pat “Truck” Moriarty, who had already formed an adult Wiffle® Ball league in the Twin Cities of Minnesota the year prior.  It made sense that a game we all played as kids (and continue to play as adults) could be used to support a charity for kids.  After some research into a few local charity organizations, Make-A-Wish® made the most sense to us, and with the help of members of the new league, Wifflin’ For Wishes was born.  About to hold our 15th annual summer event, tournament proceeds go toward granting the wishes of local children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Since the first event in 2005, Wifflin’ For Wishes has raised over $50,000 for Make-A-Wish® Minnesota!  We’ve since added new events around the country, with an annual tournament in Leominster, Massachusetts, which in its first three years has raised nearly $10,000 for Make-A-Wish® Massachusetts & Rhode Island, and has built tremendous momentum heading into its fourth year.

Last year was also our second year in Coralville, Iowa, with both tournaments there that raising $1,300 for Make-A-Wish® Iowa, which we hope to build upon even more this year!

The great thing about the game of Wiffle® Ball is we’ve all played it at some point in our childhood, whether it was at a backyard BBQ with family, at the beach, or possibly even something a little more organized with some friends from the neighborhood.  Regardless of your skill level or ability, it’s a game anybody can play and enjoy.  If you can pick up a bat and throw a ball, we look forward to seeing you take part in one of our tournaments to help your local Make-A-Wish® chapter, and kids in your area!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Wifflin’ For Wishes that will hopefully give you a better understanding of how this all works and where YOU fit in!

Q:  How does Wifflin’ For Wishes raise money for Make-A-Wish® ?
A:  It is a combination of team entry fees, local sponsors, Chinese Auction proceeds, and donations from tourney spectators.  After event expenses, 100% of the remaining proceeds are donated to the tournament’s local Make-A-Wish® chapter.

Q: How can I find out when and where there is a tournament in my area?
A: Go to the HOME PAGE, and click on the locations listed to find a tournament location and date closest to you.

Q:  Can I enter a team in more than one tournament?
A:  Absolutely, we welcome it in fact!  More chapters of Make-A-Wish® stand to benefit by increased team participation, so the more the merrier—pack up that car, grab your team, and come on out!

Q:  How many players to a team?
A:  Teams are comprised from three to five players.  You need three to play in the field (a pitcher plus two fielders), and up to five may be in the batting order.

Q:  What is the entry fee?
A:  The entry fee is a flat $125 per team of three to five players.  This helps cover all playing & field equipment, field rental costs, prizes, t-shirts, and other expenses in the course of putting on the tournament.

Q:  How many games will my team get to play?
A:  All teams will be guaranteed four games, with playoff teams having a shot at more games.

Q:  How long does the tournament go for?
A:  It’s a one-day event—team check-in begins at 9am, and games begin at 10am sharp.  Most teams wrap up their four guaranteed games by mid-afternoon, and the playoff rounds often extend into the evening.  It’s a full day for teams that make it that far!

Q:  What are the rules for the tournament?
A:  Follow the link above to our RULES page which will give you an idea what the field diagram looks like as well as how we play the game.  It’s very easy to learn!

Q:  Me and my team aren’t very good players, but we want to help Make-A-Wish®!  How competitive is this tournament?
A:  We offer Major League and Minor League Divisions of tournament play, depending on your skill level and how competitive you want to be.  In the Minor League Division, you will get to play your guaranteed four games against other Minor League teams who are there for the same reason:  just to have a more laid back good time and/or maybe you just aren’t that super-skilled at Wiffle® Ball.  Once you’ve played your four games, you’re all done!  In the Major League Division, you’ll play with tougher competition, and if you’ve done well in your four games, might even advance to the playoff rounds and vie for trophies!

Q:  What is the prize for winning the tournament?
A:  We have super-sweet trophies for the top four finishing teams.  (We don’t offer cash prizes because this is a charity event and that would defeat the purpose!)  We also have prizes for the best-dressed/costumed team and the best team name!

Q:  Me and my crew are world class wifflers… we’re comin’ to take you DOWN!  (*chest bump*)
A:  Easy there, fellas!  This is not the World Serious!  Being competitive is fine, but going a little overboard with the alpha stuff probably won’t go over too incredibly well with crowds of people there to help a charity organization.  Play hard and play to win, that’s great — but let’s all remember why we’re here!

Q:  I want my business to sponsor, or know someone who would like to.  How do I go about that?
A:  Check out our SPONSORSHIPS page to see what levels of sponsorships we offer!

Q:  Is it tax-deductible to sponsor the event?
A:  Unfortunately, Wifflin’ For Wishes is not a 501 (c) (3) charity organization, so amounts donated to the tournament are not tax-deductible.  We pool funds from a combination of team entry fees, local sponsors, Chinese Auction proceeds, and donations from tourney spectators.  However, Wifflin’ For Wishes is an authorized fund raiser on behalf of Make-A-Wish®, we can provide documentation to back that up if that helps you decide you’d like to sponsor!